We Help Companies Increase Sales

Too many companies have great products and services but can’t seem to get the sales traction they need to reach their full potential.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

What We Do

Turn Your Team Into A “Selling Machine”

Let us get “Under the Hood”

Our diagnostic process combined with our proprietary tools allows us to pinpoint the specific areas of opportunity that cause your sales team to miss revenue plan and perform poorly. We then leverage our experience and vast network to bring custom solutions to your company. The result?

A Selling Machine that rivals the best with results to match.

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The Pygmalion Difference

We’re not your Typical “Consultants”

The Consultants at Pygmalion are a cut above the rest. Each of our Consulting Partners have actually run sales organizations of varying size, complexity and across multiple industries. Whether your firm has 3 sales reps or 3,000 our consultants have the first hand experience necessary to make a difference in your teams productivity.

Our Consultants didn’t read about sales in a book, they wrote the book.

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Contrary to popular belief, Salespeople are NOT “Coin Operated Machines”. If they were, Recruiting, Retaining and Running a Top Performing Sales Team would be easy. As we all know, it’s not.

All of the Programs and Processes at Pygmalion Consulting begin and end with people in mind. We’ve deployed these strategies successfully for almost 3 decades across organizations varying in size from small startups to Fortune 50 companies and in every single instance the result is the same, Sales Results Increase and the level of increase is sustained over time.

The equation is simple:

The Right People + The Right Process = An Environment that Breeds SUCCESS!

Three Gears

There are three distinct areas in which every Top Performing Sales Machine must excel. Deficiencies in any one will sub-optimize a sales team resulting in, at best, lost revenue. Multiple deficiencies make it impossible for a company to reach its growth potential.


How do you attract the best possible talent? That’s a very simple question with a very complex answer.
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Now that you’ve hired an “A” Player. How do you keep them on the team and productive over a long period of time? A better question…. How do retain a Team of “A” players?
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Let’s think about your sales team as a REALLY expensive sports car. Who would you let drive it? Would you let just any mechanic work under the hood?
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Get Into Gear

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